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The North Pacific Surgical Association has been active for over 100 years. This is a very proud organization promoting the advancement of surgery within the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

How to Join NPSA

Interested in joining this vibrant organization? Active surgeons, a current member of NPSA is required to endorse you as an NPSA candidate. Once NPSA receives the application, your name will be reviewed by the member committee and presented for a vote at the Annual Meeting in November.  If accepted, you will receive a letter with information of how to pay dues and ways to be involved in NPSA.


Surgeons applying for Active membership, download member form: NPSA_Member_Application_2022.pdf

Trainees and advanced practice providers, Apply for membership online, click HERE

Membership Dues

Active Members are required to pay annual dues to maintain their membership. You can now pay your dues online by logging in to the website or calling the NPSA office at 503-371-7457.

Paying Dues

To pay your dues (members only) LOG IN to the website. If you owe dues there may be a olive invoice. If you have lapsed renew your dues.

Membership Categories

Active Member: Most members are in this category. Dues $200 per year.

New Member: For the first year of membership, voted in by the NPSA members at the annual meeting. Dues $200 plus $75 processing.

Senior Member: Members who are over the age of 60 or have been a continuous member of NPSA for over 15 years. Dues $200 per year.

Retired Member: Former members, now retired. Retired members receive communications from NPSA but are not required to pay dues. Dues $0/Free

Trainee Member: Interns, residents or fellows in surgical specialty training may apply to be a trainee member. Such members must be sponsored by an active NPSA member. Dues $50 per year.

Advanced Practice Provider: Any advanced practice provider (e.g. Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) engaged in surgical and/or subspecialty care may apply to be an Advanced Practice Provider Member. Must be sponsored by an active NPSA member. Dues rate $100 per year.

Member Criteria

Attendance at the annual meeting and participation in the enhancement of scientific research is a requirement of membership in NPSA.  Members maintain their Active or Senior status by submitting a paper for presentation or be the primary discussant of a paper at the Annual Meeting every four years  (Bylaws Article III, Section I.a). Members can also be a speaker or serve on a panel.

Members who fail to attend three (3) consecutive Annual Meetings of the Association, unless such non-attendance is excused by the Council for adequate cause, shall be subject to termination. (Bylaws Article III, Section I.e)


Questions? Please call Harvey Gail at 503-371-7457 or email admin@northpacificsurgical.org for more information.

To log in, click the icon below. Update your information, pay your dues, etc.  Also, logging in will "auto-fill" your  information when you register for the annual meeting.

NPSA Member Benefits

James Donald, MD receives the Kenneth AJ McKenzie Founders Award in Victoria, November, 2019

New Members

Voted in, 2021

  • Michele Babicky, MD – The Oregon Clinic, Portland (Surgical Oncology)
  • Cory Donovan, MD – Legacy Health, Portland (General surgery)
  • Heather Hoops, MD – OHSU, Portland (Surgical critical care)
  • Alexis Moren, MD – Salem Health, Portland (General surgery/critical care)
  • Stephanie Wood, MD – OHSU, Portland (General surgery)
  • Farah Husain, MD – OHSU, Portland (General surgery)
  • Castigliano Bhamidipati, MD – OHSU, Portland (Thoracic/osteopathic)
  • David Rothstein, Seattle Children’s Hospital (Pediatric Surgery)
  • Matthew B. Dellinger, Seattle Children’s Hospital (Pediatric Surgery)
  • Rebecca Main, Harborview, Seattle*
  • Barclay Stewart, Harborview, Seattle*
  • Alizah R. Rotramel, MD – Legacy Medical Group, Portland (General, colorectal surgery)
  • Carol Dingee, MD, FACS, FRCSC - Providence Breast Center, Vancouver, BC (General Surgery)
  • Thomas B. Knowles, MD, FACS – Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, OR (General surgery)
  • Albert Chi, MD, FACS – Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, OR (Trauma, critical care surgery)

Voted in, 2020

  • Sara Greenberg, MD, Seattle Children's Hospital (SUNY Upstate Medical U.)
  • Timothy R. Siegel, MD, OHSU, Portland (Dartmouth)
  • Anjali Kumar, MD, Rockwood  Surgical Group, Spokane, WA (UW)
  • Lacey LaGrone, MD, Medical Center of the Rockies, CO (UW)
  • Stephanie Wood, MD, OHSU, Portland (University College Cork Sch. of Medicine, Ireland)

Voted in, 2019

  • Amy Bazzarelli, MD, Mt. St Joseph Hospital, Vancouver, BC (U. Alberta)
  • Jason Bingham, MD, Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma (U.S. Army)
  • Antoine Bouchard-Fortier, MD, Foothills Medical Ctr., Calgary, AB (Montreal U.)
  • Matthew Eckert, MD, Madigan Army Medical Center,  Tacoma (Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine)
  • Ahmer Karimuddin, MD, Providence Health, Vancouver, BC (U. of Western Ontario)
  • Sohrab Khorasani, MD, Victoria/Alberta
  • Sean McCully, MD, OHSU, Portland (University College, Cork, Ireland)
  • Alexandra Mihailovic, MD, Victoria/Alberta
  • Samuel Rice-Townsend, MD, Seattle Children's Hospital (Stanford)
  • Liala Rashidi, MD, Multi-care Cedar Surgical Associates ,Tacoma (Ross University School of Medicine. Portsmouth, Dominica)
  • Rebecca Stark, MD, Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle (St. George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada)
  • May Tee, MD, Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines, IA, Vancouver (U. British Columbia)
  • Bryan Wells, MD, Victoria/Alberta
  • Marilyn Vanderputten, MD, Cowichan Dist. Hospital, Duncan, BC (U. Calgary)
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